QCC - Product Catagory  Suppliers
Public Switching, EPABX, Mobile Communications (GSM Phones), Transmission Equipment, Microwave Equipment, Telephone EquipmentMicrowave Equipment, Telephone Equipment Ericsson Group of companies
Intercom Systems ASACOM
VHF/UHF Transceivers, Antennas, EPIRB etc Jaybeam Ltd, Jotron, Entel.
Security Systems/Access control System, CCTV'S. Scantronic, Diebold.
Identity Systems , Test & Measuring Instruments Sogedex , Anritsu.
Voice Logging System, Card Access and Security System , CCTV System. Cybertech , Cansec International , Everfocus
Audio Logging and Call Recording Systems Total Recall VR
 QCC Marine - Product Catagory  Suppliers
RFD, Beaufort, Toyo, DSB, EV etc life rafts and other marine related safety products. Survitech Group; RFD, Beaufort – UK
Life rafts, Rescue Boats, Inflatable Boats, Life Jackets. Zodiac – France, Seahorse, USA.
Life rafts, Rescue Boats, Inflatable Boats, Life Jackets, Buoys. Zodiac – France, Seahorse, USA , Norfloat – UK
Medical Equipments, Safety & Helmets, Lanterns BCB-UK
Life rafts, Lifeboats ,Life Buoy, Life Saving Equipments and other safety equipments Mitsubishi/Fujikura Corporation – Japan, Ocean Safety–UK, Survitech Services & Distribution - UK
Life saving Equipments, F.R. Boat , Emergency Food Rations for Lifeboat and Life raft. Ocean International – UK, Delta Inflatable – UK, Datrex Inc-UK/USA
Reflective Tapes 3M – USA
Emergency Food Ration and Water Seven Oceans – Norway
Ships Air Whistles, Sound Signaling Devices. Zollner
Solas Rescue Boats ML Lifeguard Equipment Ltd – U K
Life Jackets and Immersion Suits Euro safety – U K
Hydrostatic Release Units Hammer – Sweden

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