Qatar Communications Co.

Qatar Communications Company is authorized in the Sales and Service aspects of all Marine/Aviation Safety and Survival Products from global manufacturers including approved Solas products. The Marine Division Service Station is approved by Marine Authorities such as ABS, DNV, BV, USCG and ISO 9001-2008 AIB Vincotte.

Sales & Product Distribution:

We act as distributors for a wider variety of products, ranging from life rafts and lifejackets through to pyrotechnics and electronics of all the internationally accredited brands in Qatar. We maintain a high level of stock to support a fast and efficient service to our customers with a warehouse in Industrial area.

Service & Installation:

Certificated to service and Install equipment manufactured by all the internationally acclaimed suppliers, our service station in Industrial area handles mass evacuation system, life raft (from 4 man to 50 man), lifejackets, ribs and inflatable boats, as well as survival suits, Breathing apparatus, EPIRBs, SARTs and a variety of man overboard systems.

We give continuous and rigorous training program to ensure that all our service technicians are fully up to date on the new products and procedures to meet the required standards of Qatar Marine Industry.

Authorized Life Raft Service Station:

Our life raft service station is approved by the Manufacturers and most of major classification society. i.e. DNV, ABS, BV, USCG etc. We are authorized to service Inflatable life rafts by the following manufacturers:-

  • Survitech Group; RFD, Beaufort - UK
  • Crewsaver - USA
  • Fujikura - Japan
  • E.V. - Italy
  • Zodiac - U K
  • KHA,CRV,HMF - China
  • DSB - Germany
Authorized Lifeboat Repair:

We are authorized agents for inflatable lifeboat and have trained technicians to carry out repairs on all types of inflatable life boats as per customer's requirements.

Also we undertake the inspection and direct servicing of the following items:-

  • Inflatable Life rafts , Davit Launch Life Rafts
  • Rescue Boats & Repairs , Inflatable Work Boats
  • GRP Boats & Repairs , Open/Enclosed Life Boats.

Even we undertake the supply and stocking of necessary spare parts and boat accessories to meet the customer requirements. To name a few in boat & accessories are:-

  • Rescue Boats - Delta, Avon - U K (DOT Approved)
  • Inflatable Boat - Bombard - France
  • Lifeboat Cover Canvas.
  • Lifeboat Bilge Pump
  • Mose Connection 1.5 inch / 38 mm
  • Zodiac - France (Solas Approved)
  • Work Boat , Life Seat Belt - Lifeboat Lantern (oil lamp)
  • Lifeboat Steering Oar.
  • Type MH 0510 MK-5

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